Foam Party

  Foam Party Machines. Foam cannon for rent – 5000 AED

Service description: The overall price includes concentrate tank (500 liters), which is enough for small parties (from 100 people). If there is more than 100 people, we recommend ordering at least four tanks. Usually you can decide if you need more foaming during your event – extra tank will cost you 500 AED. Color foam +300dh. If the event/party is bigger (from 400 to 800 people) we recommend ordering three or more tanks, which contain 750 liters of concentrate.

There is two type of foam machine: Large 60 Liters per minute. 3KW 220v and Extra Large 120 Liter per minute. 4KW 220v

Foam party for up to 50 people 500 liter 5,000 AED
Foam party for up to 100 people 750 liter 6,000 AED
Foam party for up to 200-400 people recommend 1 ton of foam 7,000 AED
Foam party for up to 400-800 people recommend 1,5 ton of foam 8,000 AED
Foam party for up to 1,000-1500 people recommend 2 ton of foam 9,000 AED
Foam party for up to 5,000 people recommend 2 foam machines and 2 ton each of foam 16,000 AED
Foam party for up to 10,000 people recommend 2 foam machines and 4 ton each of foam 25,000 AED
Foam party for up to 20,000 people recommend 2 foam machines and 1 foam cannon and 3 ton each of foam 40,000 AED

1. 25 meters from the foam party area there must be water source and a water hose.
2. The foaming we provide is made from professional, worldwide recognized foaming liquid, which is harmful neither to eyes nor skin.
3. Foaming is made by mixing foaming liquid and water. At the parties, FOAM machines use large amount of water, so it is essential to secure everything what might be harmed by water or foaming. Possible way to protect things is using polyethylene film to enclose the area or to cover items. It is especially important to protect power sockets, extension cords, to cover or segregate sharp corners so that the members would not harm themselves during the foaming show.
4. Foaming machines might be hanged. If there is a need to place foaming machine on a stand, the height of the room must be 4 meters or more.
5. In the video below you can see how much foaming is made from 250 liters of concentrate.
6. We recommend you to have your own audio equipment for your foaming party. Or we can take ours, but it would cost you extra 300 AED

FOAMING show might be a great entertainment in various parties or night clubs. A yard full of foaming is the best gift for children or a pleasant surprise for relatives. Foaming brings joy and positive emotions for both young and old.



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