We are fire performers group called Ugnies Šokis (Eng. Fire Dance).

We are much different than other UAE fire dance groups because dancing with fire is not our hobby – it is our job and we are professional at it. Our programs are synchronically danced and filled with professional stage equipment like flame cannons and other pyrotechnic effects, and we are all dressed up in our special fire uniforms.

Why we are special and how our fire shows look you can view in the gallery below. We can boast about many years of experience and skills which we have developed since 2007. It is therefore possible to ensure not only a breathtaking performance but also a complete safety.

We are very popular in Lithuania and most often we are dancing at weddings and birthdays, sometimes the city festivals. Our performances are used instead of fireworks, but we work together with it as well. Performances are carried out in the dark and usually outdoors. We usually bring our own sound system so the only thing we need from you is power source. We do not take your audio sound equipment if it is a public event. In this case, the performance area should be fenced with stop line or something similar.

Also, there should be people who would take care of children and of the intoxicated adults so that the show would not be disturbed or invaded and everyone around would feel safe. Moreover, the place of performance should not include any flammable decoration materials as after the performance there might remain some combustible fluid on the surface.

Fire shows

  Small fire show 10,000 AED

This fire show is the best choice for those who want to try the taste of what we can actually do. If you want to decorate your party with a fascinating spectacle, small fire show program is the best choice for you. This is a 15 minutes long continuous dance with fire by 3 fire dancers. The performers are getting ready for this kind of show for the entire year, rehearsing three times a week, so their dance is exceptionally synchronized. In this program, you will see almost all our staff juggling fire gears: flares, poi, fans, burning hoops and double stick. Only in our shows you'll see the girls dancing with burning hoops. Also, decorate your party with pyrotechnic stick and two pairs of pyrotechnic fans, which will spin sparkle rain and spit fire!

  Medium fire show 15,000 AED

It is our most popular program by far and is usually the most spectacular accent of the festival’s final. This program never disappoints any of our customers – everyone is satisfied and praise our work. Medium fire show program is 15 minutes of continuous fire dance done by 4 performers and almost all our tools are used: two pairs of pyrotechnic fans, pyrotechnic stick, sparkle rain, fire spitting. It is worth noting that during this program you will see pyrotechnic fountains! If you want to imagine how it looks like, see photos and video below. Medium fire show program is striking, unforgettable experience which will serve as the most fascinating festival decoration.

  Very impressive fire show 22,000 AED

This program is another level of our shows – this is a special program for those who want to dive into the magical world of fire. This fire show program is up to 20 minutes of continuous dancing with fire done by 5 performers, 6 small fire machines, all fire tools, which include fire burning sticks and ropes (snakes), as well as more pyrotechnics like fireworks when its posible. It is worth noting that the fire machines are professional equipment, which are programmed to spit flames by music. This fire show program ensures more dancers, more qualified fire, more heat and more excitement!

  Royal fire breath 30,000 AED

If you select the royal fire breath program, you will see 20 minutes of continuous fire show, 5 Fakirs, two pairs of pyrotechnic fans, pyrotechnic stick, fire spitting, and all of us dancing with fire tools, 6 small fire machines, pyrotechnic fountains, pyrotechnic colored fire (green, red, blue), pyrotechnic spinners. All this you can see in the photos and video below. Triple pyrotechnic points create miraculous effects which you cannot help but admire. We add more firework tu this program. This program will not only decorate your party, but will also move you into the magical world of fire which will captivate you by the dancing flames.

  "Grand" Newest fire show 40,000 AED

This is a unique fire show program which is the newest fire show program. Different form royal program, this "Grand" show additionally has: big fire machines , fan shape pyrotechnic fountains and more fan shape firework. And all effects mentioned in previouse programs. Also we add fire simbols to this program. it can be years "50" or company name on fire.

  Fire Dance fire show 60,000 AED

This is an exceptional fire show since it is prepared in accordance with individual orders for every occasion or event. The performance is of all available options: fire, performers and pyrotechnics. The program is of different structure than all the others: approximately 10 performers, 10 fire machines, stationary fans, pyrotechnic fountains and fire spinners. NOTE: Fire Dance program can be ordered only in advance, as it requires bigger number of performers and requires more space than other programs.

1. For an additional cost you can book burning initials. It may be the first letters of the names, date of birth, company name, etc.
2. The size of performance’s place is from 7m width and 5m length to 30m width and 20m length (depending on the application).



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